837. Is Wealth Generated By Being Spiritual?

Spirituality is one of the most significant pieces in the equation of creating sustainable wealth. If you’re not spiritually aligned and engaging in daily practices, you’re missing out on an opportunity to enhance your money making strategy. Now, whether you agree with me that spiritually is 100% influential or with Chris that it’s 60% (or somewhere in between), in this episode we break down our theories behind why spirituality is connected to wealth. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:18 ) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

( 3:43 ) Lori read a question in The Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell that inspired today’s episode. What percentage of making money and being abundant and being wealthy is actually spiritual?

( 4:27 ) Chris thinks it’s 60%.

( 5:02 ) Lori thinks it’s 100% spirituality and 100% strategy and skill. 

( 6:05 ) Chris explains his answer. 

( 9:17 ) Chris says, “When I feel good, I perform well.”

( 12:08 ) Lori talks about how Michelangelo visualized their work before he began, just as she visualizes her success and wealth. 

( 14:19 ) Chris shares the three prompts he has in his journal: gratitude, manifestation, and work. 

( 16:29 ) Lori makes the connection between engaging your glutes while working out and the power of putting the intention behind a skill. 

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