900. Why It’s OK Not To Reach Your Dreams

Lauren and I are talking about times in our lives when we were really manifesting something and it didn’t turn out the way we imagined it, but we’re so glad it happened that way because there was something even better on the other side. Lauren tells the story of how she landed at Lite Pink and realized that her entrepreneurial dream can happen inside someone else’s (aka mine!). We talk about the importance of creating a safe space for your employees to explore their passions and be honest about their career goals, which is something I learned the hard way. I share more about my journey to getting on fitness magazine covers and the breakthrough that I made about why I wasn’t being chosen by editors. Plus, we talk about optimizing all the little experiences and embracing the setbacks, no matter how challenging they might feel in the moment. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:24 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:45 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Tell me about a time in your life where you were really manifesting or wanting something, and it just wasn't happening, but now you can see that you're so glad because there was something better.”

( 5:32 ) Lori says, “Your dream can happen within someone else's dream. And your dream does not get diminished, it can actually grow.”

( 10:07 ) Lauren asks, “How many people at work feel like they're not even themselves, because they're not allowed to really be themselves?” 

( 15:17 ) Lauren asks Lori to share a time when she didn’t get what she wanted, but instead received an even bigger blessing. 

( 23:20 ) Lori says, “When those eyeballs are on you, you better have somewhere to send them.”

( 24:53 ) Lori and Lauren talk about how they’ve made the most out of the Lite Pink delays.

( 27:08 ) Lori asks listeners to tag @thelivelylo and @loriharder and let them know their biggest takeaways from this episode.