1063. James Wedmore’s Secret To A 7-Figure Launch

James Wedmore is the business performance coach whose name consistently comes up when I’m in rooms with experts and industry leaders. His signature Business By Design course lays out the fundamentals of how to have a seven-figure launch, and in our conversation, he shares key takeaways from that program. 

James describes tangible ways to break through common mindset blocks that entrepreneurs bump up against, especially when it comes to sales. Plus, he also expands on the incredible impact his spiritual journey has had on his success and ways he’s discovered more flow in his business strategy. 



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(0:32) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by James Wedmore. 

(4:14) Lori asks James, “You have such an incredible reputation. How did that happen?”

(6:21) Lori asks James, “Do you feel like you have people-pleaser tendencies?”

(10:52) Lori asks James, “What are the top three most fun things you're doing in your life right now?”

(16:13) Lori asks James, “Is it still important to incorporate fun, even in seasons of business where you want to be growing?”

(22:59) Lori asks James, “How much does your spiritual life play into your business success?”

(40:18) Lori asks James, “Can you tell me about where you need to be spiritually or with your mindset in order to start thinking about a seven figure launch?”

(47:25) Lori asks James, “Can you give me an example of what we can do to kick past the ‘guardian of the mind’?”

(1:01:19) Lori asks James, “What are you personally working on right now?” 

(1:05:19) Lori asks James, “Where can we listen to your podcast?”

(1:06:32) Lori asks James, “Where can we find your courses and mastermind?”