1120. Jana Kramer On How To Rebuild Your Happiness After Trauma

I'm so excited to share my conversation with the incredible Jana Kramer, a country music singer, actress, podcast host, and New York Times bestselling author. Today, we chat all about her vulnerable new book, “The Next Chapter,” on her sudden divorce and how she learned to love herself, release the weight of self-blame, and rebuild her life. 

In our conversation, Jana shares her emotional experiences from the day she filed for divorce to the following year, focusing on her personal growth and self-discovery. She opens up about her journey with forgiveness and peace while connecting with her spirituality and intuition. Jana shares how she practices healthy habits throughout her daily routine, the tools she uses to focus on her happiness, and how she sheds past negative energy, hate, and anger. Jana hopes her story will help others on their paths to healing and self-discovery, so listen in for a reminder that you are worthy of love!



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(0:30) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(4:27) Lori asks Jana, “What was the moment you thought you needed to write this book?” 

(8:52) Lori asks Jana, “What led you down this road to writing the book? 

(11:48) Lori asks Jana, “What were some of the things that started being revealed to you around, there's a better way to start dealing with this, and there is hope of healing on the other side?” 

(13:57) Lori asks Jana, “What are some of the steps that you would say to take in order to move past break ups?” 

(18:51) Lori asks Jana, “Your book really delves into forgiveness and peace – tell me about how that looks in your everyday life.” 

(22:43) Lori asks Jana, “You talk about being able to hear God or the voice of intuition – tell me a little bit about that.”

(26:14) Lori asks Jana, “How did you navigate motherhood during this? Were you able to compartmentalize? What did that look like?”

(28:07) Lori asks Jana, “If you had younger Jana sitting next to you right now, and she told you three reasons why she's so proud of you right now, what would she say?”

(29:50) Lori asks Jana, “Who is that version of you when you are feeling worthy of love? 

(32:54) Lori asks Jana, “Have you always had female friendships? What role do they play in your life now? “

(38:43) Lori asks Jana, “Why do you want the listeners to read this book?What are some of the things that they're gonna get from it?” 

(40:05) Lori asks Jana, “If you only had one billboard, and it was your message for this year, what would that message be?”