1108. Why You Don’t Need a Fancy Resumé To Start A Business With Jess Toolson

Believe me – I could chat with the fabulous Jess Toolson for hours! Jess is the co-founder and CEO of Mixhers, and she's here today to discuss how she turned a simple solution to a common problem into a thriving business. Jess and her team at Mixhers are doing incredible work to revolutionize women's health and have personally been a huge inspiration to my brand. 

What's even more inspiring about Jess's story is that she didn't need a fancy background to start something amazing. In our conversation, she reminds you that you should never let fear or excuses hold you back in the pursuit of your dreams. Plus, Jess shares tips on maintaining an abundant mindset, creating a nurturing company culture, and being a business leader who values open communication and positivity. She highlights that maintaining optimism isn't always easy and reinforces that you have to put in that hard work to truly earn your happy!



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(0:28) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(3:53) Lori asks Jess, “What does it feel like to be celebrating the fourth birthday of Mixhers?” 

(4:45) Lori asks Jess, “What exactly is Mixhers?” 

(8:30) Lori asks Jess, “How did you go from the initial idea to where you are now?” 

(13:42) Lori asks Jess, “What were the things that made you leap into getting started and stay committed to it?

(17:38) Lori asks Jess, “What would you say are the top three traits that you have developed along the way that you think every business person needs? 

(25:06) Lori asks Jess, “What are some tangible things that you could offer that have made the biggest impact in your company to make people feel nurtured and have that warm presence every day?”

(29:53) Lori asks Jess, “Are there different things that you do to constantly keep this in the conversation of how you expect people to show up?”

(32:54) Lori asks Jess, “How do you manage the pressure of growth while trying to sustain this beautiful company?”

(36:15) Lori asks Jess, “What do you do personally, first, to go and take care of yourself as the leader?”

(39:37) Lori asks Jess, “Were you ever in fear over collaborating with other women? Do you attribute a lot of your growth and success to that, and why?” 

(48:28) Lori asks Jess, “How do you get out of a negative space?” 

(52:33) Lori asks Jess, “Do you have any last words that you're just feeling that you want to leave people with?”