851. Kacia Fitzgerald On Her Theory About Going from Good to Great

Kacia Fitzgerald is the host of the podcast EmpowerHer and founder and CEO of She Goes Co., her business that provides tools for women starting a business or podcast. We discuss how to stay motivated and confident when you’re building a business, how she supports herself during times of uncertainty and the magic of vulnerability. Kacia shares her favorite habit-stacking trick and we talk about the power of counting your small wins daily. 

Kacia breaks down the concept of benefit extension, which is questioning who's going to benefit as a byproduct of you going for your dream and who's going to be hurt if you don’t. We also connect on our belief that the qualification season is so crucial, even if it can feel slow and uncomfortable. Listen in to hear more of our conversation about how to launch yourself from good to great. Tune in today, wherever you get your podcasts!


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About Kacia:

Kacia Fitzgerald is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster who is on a mission to help women unapologetically share their voice and message with the world. 

She’s found that what’s often holding women back are the thoughts that they think about who they are and what they are capable of. She takes her knowledge from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, paired with her high energy bubbly personality and a “come with me, let's figure this out together” approach to light a fire under their booty to get out of their own way and just go!



( 2:44 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:50 ) Lori gives some background on today’s guest, Kacia Fitzgerald. 

( 4:12 ) Kacia joins the conversation. 

( 5:10 ) Lori asks Kacia to share what she’s currently working on and how she got there. 

( 7:54 ) Lori asks Kacia about how she learned to compartmentalize the back and forth of the emotions, and the the highs and lows of running a business?”

( 9:12 ) Kacia talks about common challenges that she sees with her podcasting clients scaling. 

( 11:04 ) Lori says, “The qualification period is so incredibly important.”

( 13:28 ) Kacia poses the question, “What if you just decided that it's your responsibility as a human being to step into what you feel called to do so you can be living, breathing proof of what's possible for another person?”

( 14:24 ) Lori and Kacia talk about the power of being vulnerable, especially as podcasters. 

( 18:25 ) Lori and Kacia discuss Kacia’s theory about how to go from good to great. 

( 20:43 ) Kacia brings up the question, “What if this discomfort actually meant that I'm supposed to take action?”

( 23:00 ) Kacia explains what benefit extension is. 

( 24:52 ) Lori thanks today’s sponsor, ISSUU. 

( 26:37 ) Lori says, “Your vision is not big enough until you tie people into it.”

( 28:20 ) Lori describes what keeps her motivated to keep going with Lite Pink. 

( 29:51 ) Lori asks Kacia her response when people ask her “when is enough enough?” and “why can’t you just be happy?”

( 31:28 ) Kacia says, “You can be curious about people's perspective, but you still can only take advice from people that are living lives that you want to actually be living.”

( 34:40 ) Lori asks Kacia, “When you talk about anxiety, can you share a little bit about what that feels like and how you've been managing that?”

( 36:06 ) Kacia shares two ways that she helps calm her racing thoughts. 

( 38:24 ) Lori asks Kacia, “What do you do to support yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, in your business in your life around taking bigger risks?”

( 39:24 ) Kacia explains how she practices habit stacking. 

( 40:52 ) Kacia talks about why you need to take an action step towards your goal everyday. 

( 44:48 ) Kacia and Lori share ways to build confidence. 

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