1021. Kaitlyn Bristowe On How To Handle Comparison

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kaitlyn Bristowe and I go deep on topics like healing your inner child, navigating female friendships, and embracing getting older in a world that’s obsessed with youth.

In our conversation, Kaitlyn opens up about her journey leading up to her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, including the devastating heartbreak that changed her life. We talk about the power of forgiveness and how to develop a more resilient mindset. Plus, Kaitlyn shares how she cultivates self-love and continues to prioritize her relationship with herself.


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(0:24 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Kaitlyn Bristowe. 

(3:15) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “Where did the idea for Off The Vine come from? And did you always know that you wanted to do this?”

(6:23) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “What were you like when you were a little girl?”

(8:53) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “How did you put yourself into those reality TV situations? And did you have moments where you just got completely caught up and out of your mind? And how did you come back to a place of feeling centered?”

(13:14) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “When you decided to do therapy, what is something that you came out the other side with that you're like, wow, I am so so proud of myself for this and I love this about me?”

(14:24) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “What was the relationship with yourself like before therapy?” 

(17:04) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “What is a lesson around romantic relationships that you wish other people knew before they get into it?”

(25:05) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “I would love to hear kind of how you've navigated like female relationships. Have you ever struggled with it? Or is it always something that's been easy for you?”

(23:10) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “Where did you learn how to set boundaries?”

(27:45) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “When you were doing inner-child work, what was it that the younger you needed to hear? What was she missing? And who did she need to hear it from?”

(31:04) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “How do you handle comparison?”

(33:05) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “You had talked about aging not being scary, no coincidences, and forgiveness. Let's see if we can touch on them.”

(37:10) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “Let’s talk about no coincidences.”

(40:22) Lori asks Kaitlyn, “Where can people find and follow you?”