860. How To Keep Promises To Yourself

If you want to attract more, you have to become more attractive. I don’t mean you have to get glam, but rather do the things that make you like who you are and see your vision through. I’m realizing that there are challenges that I’m surrendering to that are stopping me from going after my dreams. It’s time for me to drop the excuses and dial in. I’m committing to showing up on social media and putting in the work to figure out how to succeed in that space. How might you be selling out and giving up on your dreams? Let’s talk about it. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:52 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:06 ) Lori says, “If you want to attract more, you have to become more attractive, and you'll attract more attractive things.”

( 4:08 ) Lori shares an example of what she means by that. 

( 5:41 ) Lori talks about her efforts to show up in a meaningful and effective way on social media. 

( 6:17 ) Lori shouts out this episode’s sponsor, Little Passports. 

( 8:35 ) Lori talks about a story that Keith Yackey told her when she was a guest on his podcast. 

( 10:05 ) Lori questions, “What is stopping me from doing the things that I know are so important to my dreams?”

( 11:12 ) Lori lists some ways that listeners might be selling their vision. 

( 12:41 ) Listeners can tag @loriharder and let her know their biggest takeaway from the episode.