824. How To Become A Transformational Leader With Lindsay Sukornyk

Lindsay Sukornyk lived the free spirit, digital nomad lifestyle before it became a TikTok trend, and on today’s episode, she’s sharing her journey and key lessons that she’s learned along the way. Lindsay dives into the details about her holistic methodology that inspires breakthrough changes and transformation for the leaders that she works with. We also discuss the programs and experiences she offers at Alive and Awake, plus some of my personal ‘aha’ moments that I’ve had at those events. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 3:04 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 3:41 ) Lori gives some background on Lindsay. 

( 4:47 ) Lindsay joins the conversation. 

( 4:52 ) Lori shares how Lindsay and her know each other and projects they’ve worked on in the past.

( 7:02 ) Lori asks Lindsay, “Let's talk about where you started and how this vision came to be planted for you.”

( 8:19 ) Lindsay talks about her professional and spiritual journey. 

( 11:59 ) Lindsay shares how she immediately knew she needed to put down roots in Costa Rica when she first visited. 

( 13:12 ) Lori talks about her sponsor Calm. 

( 15:10 ) Lindsay gives more details about how she ended up in Costa Rica, despite all the challenges she faced. 

( 19:49 ) Lindsay talks about living her life by the “it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” motto. 

( 23:43 ) Lindsay describes some of the physical obstacles that she faced trying to establish her life in Costa Rica. 

( 25:36 ) Lori talks about her sponsor BYJU’s FutureSchool.

( 29:22 ) Lori asks Lindsay, “Tell me about the method that you found that really really works for getting people just reconnected and reimagining their lives.”

( 30:21 ) Lindsay explains her integrated approach to transformational leadership. 

( 31:19 ) Lindsay talks about the activities and routines of her retreats. 

( 33:26 ) Lindsay shares a big ‘aha’ moment she had at The Bliss Project and how that’s informed her work. 

( 35:24 ) Lori and Lindsay discuss how many overachievers tend to put off processing their trauma because it helps drive them towards success. 

( 36:29 ) Lindsay explains why she incorporates extreme sports like surfing and horseback riding in her programs. 

( 39:54 ) Lori describes her experiences from these activities and her breakthrough moments from them. 

( 45:24 ) Lori asks Lindsay, “What are some things that you do that you've noticed helps break people down and connect them right away? And how does that also go on to help them out in the ‘real world?”

( 46:17 ) Lindsay says, “The reason that I feel that I can hold space for people is because there are very few dark corners that I haven't explored in my own inner work”

( 49:14 ) Lindsay says, “I think that the more evolved we get as humans, the less seriously we take life.”

( 52:35 ) Listeners can find Lindsay at aliveandawake.com, @lindsayalive, Lauren Sukornyk on Facebook. 

( 53:13 ) Lori signs off by asking listeners to tag Lindsay on Instagram and let her know what their biggest takeaway was or if there's something that she opened up for them.


Guest Bio:

Lindsay is a transformational leadership expert, international speaker, master coach to global game changers, TEDx speaker and author.  A regular Huffington Post blogger and often featured as a speaker and expert in the media, she is also completing her first novel, which is in development for a TV series.  Lindsay is obsessed with combining up to the minute research on positive psychology, strategy and leadership with ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga and Buddhism, to create profoundly transformational experiences for everyone she has the privilege to guide along their path.

She began her career at Kearney, a top-tier global management-consulting firm.  In the transformational leadership coaching space for over 19 years, Lindsay has spoken to and coached CEOs, founders and elite leaders at global events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mindvalleys’ Afest, Mindvalley’s Evercoach, the Bliss Project, and leading organizations, including Accenture, Kearney, Starbucks, Coveo, TD Securities, RBC Financial Group, FullCycle, P&G, lululemon, Deloitte and Revlon.  She has been cited as an expert media such as The Globe and Mail, The National Post and Canadian Business Magazine.

When she’s not spreading her message internationally, Lindsay is living her dream with her four children in Costa Rica, where she guides CEOs, founders and elite leaders from around the world through transformational leadership journeys in the surf town where she lives.  Lindsay has a B. Comm from Queen’s University, where she majored in strategy and organizational behavior. She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with CTI and a RYT 500 certified yoga teacher. You can find her on Linked In at Lindsay Sukornyk, on Instagram @lindsayalive and on Facebook at Fb.com/lsukornyk and at aliveandawake.com.