982. Determining Which Relationships Are Worth The Hard Work with Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu co-founded Quest Nutrition, which grew 57,000% in its first three years. She is also the co-founder and president of Impact Theory Studios, a revolutionary digital-first studio that produces wildly entertaining original content focusing on themes of empowerment. As host of the digital series Women of Impact, Lisa conducts real, uncensored conversations with the most inspiring women.

If you don't follow her on social media yet, what are you waiting for? She shares so much incredible advice on boundaries, relationships and work. This conversation is no different and Lisa and I really open up about our relationships with our significant others. We speak openly about how we've had to learn to communicate through the years and the truth about the challenges at the beginning of our relationships and what that looked like. Every relationship is going to take work, so what you need to decide on is what relationships are worth it?


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(0:44) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(2:24) Lisa joins the conversation.

(3:37) Lori asks, “When did you and Tom start working together? What did that look like?”

(10:44) Lori asks, “How did you not take on those identity roles right away within the business and allow them to come into your marriage?”

(18:24) Lori asks, “How do you approach conversations, without someone's defenses being up?”

(23:14) Lori asks, “What are some of the other breakdowns that we should be aware of?”

(33:48) Lisa gives an example from early in her relationship with her husband, where their frame of reference was different but they came to an understanding.

(35:48) Lori gives an example from early in her relationship, where their frame of reference was different but they came to an understanding.

(42:10) Lori asks, “What do you think is a really good conversation to have to start working these problems out?”

(44:42) Lisa shares the questions she and her husband ask each other to make sure they stay on top of the hard conversations.

(47:59) Lori asks, “Any last things that you want to leave everyone with?”