886. Lisa Bilyeu On How To Gain Radical Confidence

Lisa Bilyeu is one of the co-founders of the billion-dollar Quest Nutrition company, as well as the co-founder and president of Impact Theory Studios. In her new book Radical Confidence, she describes how she broke through her insecurities and self-doubt, pursued her entrepreneurial dreams, and built up her confidence in the process. The journey of going from homemaker to global business leader hasn’t always been linear, but Lisa shares how she’s learned to move through fear and strategize support around her growth. She gives us a peek inside her book, including a concept she calls emotional sobriety, and we discuss what it looks like to find lessons and empowerment in rejection. Lisa also talks about what she’s currently working through emotionally with the release of her book and why it’s so important to detach your self-worth from business outcomes. 


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About Lisa:

Lisa Bilyeu co founded Quest Nutrition, which grew 57,000 percent in its first three years. She is also the cofounder and president of Impact Theory Studios, a revolutionary digital-first studio that produces wildly entertaining original content focusing on themes of empowerment. Over the course of her career, Lisa has created a slate of content that has been viewed more than half a billion times, and she and her husband have built Impact Theory’s global audience to more than 7.5 million. As host of the digital series Women of Impact, Lisa conducts real, uncensored conversations with the most inspiring women. Her book, Radical Confidence, will hit shelves May 10th, 2022. Lisa lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Tom, and their two furbabies. She frikin’ loves her life.


Discussion Questions & Episode Highlights

( 0:50 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Lisa Bilyeu. 

( 3:17 ) Lisa joins the conversation. 

( 5:26 ) Lori asks Lisa, “How did you know that you were going to write a book? Why was it so important for you to talk about?”

( 9:57 ) Lori asks Lisa, “I want to know about a moment or maybe a time where you were choosing to stay in the story because you didn't want to do the tough stuff.”

( 17:24 ) Lori talks about one of today’s sponsors, Better Help. 

( 20:20 ) Lori asks Lisa, “I'm so interested in some of the strategies and game plans that you share within the book. So can you share some of those with us?”

( 27:43 ) Lori gives a shout out to Avast for sponsoring the show. 

( 30:35 ) Lori asks Lisa, “How do we not come from a place of needing this conversation to work, so that you do still feel the pressure, you do still feel the anxiety? How do we take off that need or the grasping that this has to work?”

( 38:35 ) Lori asks Lisa, “What's something that you are desiring right now? And how are you working on yourself to become the person who can fulfill it?” 

( 42:16 ) Lori asks Lisa, “Who is this for? If someone couldn't even read your book, but you wanted to leave them with a message, what would that be?”

( 46:04 ) Lori asks Lisa where people can buy the book. 

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