881. Listener Q&A: How To Prepare For The Unknown

We’re answering listener questions today about how to prepare for the unknown, what it’s like to go from concept to launch, and simple ways to get noticed by the people that inspire you. I explain how I do my ‘if this, then that’ exercise to be more solution-oriented and take action instead of sitting in the surprise. Lauren and I discuss what goes into a pitch deck, when we think it’s better to bootstrap vs. raise startup money, and how to make strategic hires that can help bring your vision to life and protect your energy. We also share how we’ve gotten into the rooms that stretch and inspire us, and our tips for how to expand into bigger networks. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:26 ) Welcome back to another Earn Your Happy: Behind the Scenes of Building a Business episode. 

( 1:21 ) Lauren shares the first listener question, which is, “How do you best prepare for the unknown challenges of life and business?”

( 7:35 ) Lauren asks the second question, which is, “How to get from concept to pitch to bring everything to life?”

( 13:54 ) Lori says, “If you are discouraged by walls and by nos, then the entrepreneur route is probably not for you.”

( 15:22 ) Lauren asks Lori, “Can you also explain to people if they need a pitch deck, no matter if they're getting investors or if they're not getting investors? Do they still need a pitch deck to bring to a manufacturer depending on what they're creating?”

( 17:39 ) Lauren asks Lori, “Okay, so then as far as pitch to bring it to life?”

( 25:19 ) The next listener question is, “How do you find the room that you should be in? And how do you get the women or men who inspire you to see you?”

( 30:12 ) Listeners can text LITE PINK to 310-496-8363 with their questions or topics that they want Lori and Lauren to cover in future episodes.