888. Listener Q&A: Navigating Imposter Syndrome

We’re answering two listener questions today about navigating imposter syndrome and figuring out where to focus your energy. Lauren and I agree that imposter syndrome isn’t necessarily a bad thing一it’s actually a sign of growth and proof that you’re evolving. We talk about how we approach uncharted territory in business with a curious and confident mindset. We also discuss how we prioritize things on our to-do lists and why it's so important to write things out. One of our go-to methods is to map out our timelines, which helps us feel less overwhelmed with everything that’s on our plate. Plus, I break down exactly how to grow your revenue and audience at the same time. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:25 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:29 ) Lauren reads the first listener question: “She wants us to just riff a little bit more on impostor syndrome, all the things.”

( 3:32 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Can you share with me the approach that you take, that doesn't make you feel like an imposter and just has you take action?”

( 6:51 ) Lauren reads the second listener question: “What do you tell yourself to keep going and make progress every day when every single step is new, and you have so many steps to get there you don't know where to focus at times?”

( 9:27 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Is there anything that pops out for you that helps you decipher where your energy should go every week?”

( 13:45 ) Lori says, “I think the best entrepreneurs are the people who shift the fastest and just pivot.”