994. Creating Accountability With Ben Nemtin, Co-Founder Of The Buried Life

I feel so energized at the beginning of the year to set new goals and really go after them, but how can we keep that momentum going past January? I’m joined by Ben Nemtin, bestselling author and co-founder of The Buried Life movement, to discuss how to infuse more accountability into your life and prioritize the things you love. 

Ben describes how his two-week bucket list road trip expanded into a philosophy about living in alignment with your true self. He highlights three simple, yet powerful steps for achieving your goals. Ben also describes the key elements of a well-rounded bucket list and shares some tools to get started with that process today.



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(0:29) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Ben Nemtin. 

(4:48) Lori asks Ben, “What was the cost of you not going for your dreams?”

(12:03) Lori asks Ben, “What were some of the things that you noticed while you were in it and on the road?”

(21:00) Lori asks Ben, “Tell me about some of those beginning moments when things were just messy and all over the place.”

(24:25) Lori asks Ben, “Was there a universal truth around relationships and achieving your dreams that you found throughout this experience?”

(38:30) Lori asks Ben, “When you meet someone, how do you differentiate between anxiety and excitement?”

(42:16) Lori asks Ben, “How about the difference between when something is hard or if it’s genuinely too challenging?”

(45:06) Lori asks Ben, “What is something in your life that you feel is the next evolution or next level, but it's feeling kind of scary?” 

(48:00) Lori asks Ben, “Tell me about the journal.”

(53:22) Lori asks Ben, “Where can we order your journal?”