1141. Balancing Love, Business & The Pursuit Of Your Dreams With Kacia Ghetmiri

It feels so great to be back at Kacia Ghetmiri's EmpowerHER event, and this time, I brought my other half, Chris, with me! In this special live podcast, Chris and I share our experiences about pursuing our dreams while supporting each other and our marriage. We discuss how we strike a balance between love, business, and building meaningful relationships that help us reach our goals.

Throughout our chat, we get super real and honest about how we emotionally support each other during periods of anxiety or pause, the challenges we're currently facing, and the networks we're tapping into. No one can go through life alone, and you shouldn't feel guilty about chasing your big dreams alongside loved ones. So, tune in for our tips on strengthening your communication, creating space for each other, and prioritizing yourself during your busiest seasons.



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(0:50) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori and Chris are speaking with Kacia Ghetmiri. 

(3:49) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “Let’s go back to your first season.” 

(10:15) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How did you emotionally support yourself while trying to navigate this dream that your family didn’t understand?” 

(15:02) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How do you not get too codependent with each other, but simultaneously build dreams side by side and support each other?” 

(20:26) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How do you navigate a season of pause?” 

(24:55) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How was it like to watch the other flounder?” 

(28:15) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How have you been so intentional about building your network from a tactical perspective?” 

(32:34) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “Who are you tapping into? What do those conversations look like? How do you know when you need support?”

(41:52) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “How do you determine what is a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’?” 

(46:40) Kacia asks Lori and Chris, “What is something that you're currently struggling with or working on?” 

(53:22) Kacia asks Chris, “Can you tell us the story of frello?” 

(58:58) Kacia asks Lori, “What is the advice you would give about supporting yourself when you’re feeling self-doubt?”