1138. What No One Tells You About Navigating Winter Seasons of Business with Natalie Ellis and Lindsey Schwartz

While Lindsey and I were in Austin, we knew we had to do a live podcast with our friend, Natalie Ellis, CEO of Bossbabe. We all get real and vulnerable about the different seasons we’ve experienced in our businesses, from the winter season where you don’t have a harvest YET to show for all your hard work, to the dance of keeping momentum in your summer and autumn seasons, we’re sharing personal stories and advice for how to make the most of it all.

We answer tough questions like what we were pretending not to know during a challenging time, and also what is on the other side of surrounding yourself with community and speaking your truth. We dive into everything from strategies for how to pivot and create offers that work in today’s economy, to how we’re navigating relationships and finances during challenging seasons. Cheers to whichever season you’re currently in, I’ve been there, and we’re sharing exactly what we needed during that season. We might even be in it right now with you!



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Lindsey Schwartz: @llindseyschwartz



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