Three Ways To Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media

Here Are 3 Ways to Deal with those Negative Comments on Social Media.

We've all been there, we all get them. You know the nasty comments I am talking about. They usually pop up right after you've just shared something amazing, or poured your soul out in a loving post. A comment from one of your “friends” shows up and lets all the steam out of your positivity. If we don't deal with these comments the right way, they can ruin our whole day!

Here are three ways to help you deal with them:

1) Compassion. Remember, the nasty comments are NEVER about you. Have compassion for them, it's usually because the person who shared it is feeling some sort of pain.

2) Delete it! This is YOUR post, comment, picture, wall, etc. Do what you want with it. For me, I delete it as soon as I see it. It's better that its out of sight, out of mind, in my world.

3) Bless & Release. Whatever we focus on, grows, so we need to focus on the positive and NOT focus on those negative comments. Continue to be you, the positive light!

What tips do you have?? Have you dealt with it in a different way? Let me know if you have done any of these or if you have a different way of dealing with it!

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