966. One Big Reason You May Not Be Hitting Your Goals!

When I feel like I’m not hitting my goals, the one thing I do to start course-correcting is set really clear, measurable targets. I break down what this looks like in terms of fitness goals, improving your diet, consuming less alcohol, waking up earlier, and getting more visibility into your brand. I experience ebbs and flows in all these areas of my life, so I’m sharing exactly what I do to create smaller milestones and start getting back on track when I feel like I’m out of alignment. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:23) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(1:02) Lori reads a listener review. 

(2:36) Lori introduces the topic of today’s show: one of the main reasons why you might not be reaching your goals. 

(3:52) Lori talks about why it’s so important to set specific goals around fitness and working out. 

(5:15) Lori illustrates how this concept plays out when you want to improve your diet. 

(7:15) Lori explains how she and Chris have managed to limit their alcohol consumption. 

(9:06) Lori shares how to set goals around getting more visibility into your brand through podcasts and speaking events. 

(11:42) Lori asks listeners to rate and review the podcast.