870. Out Of The Box Marketing Ideas To Be Grow An Audience

Social media ads and traditional PR can be so expensive these days that you have to think outside the box when it comes to getting your name out there, especially as a startup. Lauren and I share ten creative ways that we’re using to get people talking about Lite Pink. We discuss why we love text lists, creating opt-ins for Earn Your Happy listeners, and why I decided to write a book while simultaneously launching Lite Pink. I talk about where I see alot of early entrepreneurs get stuck and why it’s more important to just put something out there instead of constantly tinkering with it until it’s ‘perfect.’ Lauren and I also touch on how we’re working on overcoming negative self-talk and constantly comparing ourselves to other brands who seem to have it all figured out. Note to self: no one actually does! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 0:19 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 1:25 ) Lori says to Lauren, “I just want to know how your experience was and what you learned from your three days away.”

( 8:17 ) Lori introduces today’s topic, outside the the box marketing. 

( 10:10 ) Lori asks Lauren, “What are some things that we're talking about right now for out of the box marketing?”

( 12:54 ) Lori asks Lauren, “Would you share some of the options for people if they want to build a text list? Would you name off some of the companies?”

( 16:23 ) Lori talks about getting Lite Pink into in-person events. 

( 18:49 ) Lori explains the strategy behind opt-ins. 

( 20:54 )  Lori asks Lauren, “What would you say is some of the golden thread of what already existed when you came in with the Lori Harder brand and then a golden thread with Lite Pink?”

( 23:13 ) Lori says, “Where I have fallen short is in the cohesion of branding.”

( 24:29 ) Lauren says, “You need to start before you're ready and you adjust and go along the way.”

( 26:26 ) Lori talks about why they’re looking at creating an app. 

( 27:14 ) Lori shares why she decided to write a second book. 

( 28:14 ) Lori and Lauren discuss getting Lite Pink on TikTok. 

( 32:25 ) Lauren says, “Be present and have fun no matter what you're going through.”