“Collect People and Experiences…Both Good and Bad”

Why Close Friendships are SO Important

This last weekend I went on a girl trip…

I know that many people do this, but that is not something I even thought of doing a few years ago. In fact, because I am so close to my husband and did not take the time to develop female friends, it would not have sounded fun nor would I have known who I would have went with. After the last few years of setting the intention to cultivate close girlfriends, I have been enjoying and understanding why these relationships are so vital. It’s not just about having incredible friends that inspire and support you, but it’s about having many different people in your life to bring perspective, ideas, experiences and wisdom. It is also so important to never put the responsibility on one person to be everything for you. Having diverse friendships with elevated women allows you to accept people for where they are and not have extreme expectations of any of them. You start to see we are all so different, with different gifts, strengths and weaknesses. We also learn that we are all just doing the very best we can at navigating this thing called life. For those coupled up ladies – it reminds us that we can’t ask our significant other to be our rock, our sounding board, our relationship analyzer, our punching bag, our shoulder cry on, shopping buddy AND our lover…

girls-tripHere are a few awesome takeaways that I had from my girls weekend.

We are all so different and yet so alike and we don't know it until we really start sharing. All I can tell you is that I used to be afraid of powerful females and thinking I could have a big, diverse crowd of successful female friends. It's about trusting yourself, doing the work to grow and love yourself where you are, being interested and being willing to be vulnerable. One thing we know for sure from this weekend is nothing can feel scary when shared with the right group. The scary, shameful story dissipates and those feelings dissolve.

If someone rejects you while trying to connect, great! Realize they are clearing the way for the right people or it just isn't time for your paths to cross. Bless them and keep searching! These women in my circle are in fitness, network marketing and internet marketing – basically exactly what I do but in their own way with their own story. We believe in abundance, we believe in the true elevation of tribe and community. You can't rise and find this group until you get right with your own idea of abundance, trust and knowing that yes, you can be hurt (again) and that is the risk you take… it's called life. Pain, lack of connection, or trouble finding your people right away is not a confirmation of why you should stay isolated, it's the universe telling you to trust, heal yourself and keep growing.

There is no growth or learning how to show up for yourself or see who you desire to be around without seeing how and who not to. It's all beautiful. When you can love what is, in whatever form it is coming in your life, is when happiness starts to run over… it never looks like you think it will so be open to it coming in a different way or person than you expect. Collect people, collect experiences – good and bad. Know that you are enough and there is enough and in return you will have more than enough.

Much love,


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