980. The #1 Determining Factor For Your Personal Growth & Success

In 2023, the people that are upleveling are purposely stretching themselves to get in rooms with others who are equally as dedicated to being the best versions of themselves. One of the biggest factors to our success has been intentionally removing ourselves out of low vibe, negative situations. When you surround yourself with people who challenge you and want to see you win, it’s amazing what can happen. Listen in to hear more about the influence that your environment has on your ability to reach your big goals.

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(0:25) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy. Today, Chris and Lori are talking about how your network and environment directly affect your success. 

(1:14) Chris and Lori reflect on their recent experience at a friend’s birthday party where they met other ambitious, high-achieving individuals.   

(5:13) Chris says, “When you seek out the best, that is one of the great shortcuts both in business and in life.”

(7:56) Chris and Lori talk about what happens when your positivity is outnumbered by negative people.  

(10:28) Lori shouts out the sponsor of today’s episode, Soul CBD. 

(13:27) Lori says, “It's in every area and at all levels. You are influenced by the people who you're around.” 

(15:39) Lori shares a litmus test you can use to determine if a person is meant to be in your life.  

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(19:36) Lori talks about being the most interested person in the room instead of the most interesting.