The Power of A Deadline

While we're constantly trying to grow and set goals in all areas of our lives, we need to do more than JUST setting goals. I am talking about setting MASSIVE DEADLINES. Put so much on the line that it ensures you will show up and complete it on time.

There's real science that states when you actually set a deadline you are inviting the solutions into your life. Your brain and subconscious start to go to work on that deadline. When you have it locked in and shared it with others, you are going to rise to the occasion!


But set the deadline, lock in the date, the time, etc. Whatever it looks like to set that deadline, you must do it. Then, you'll freak out! Great! After that, now it's time to go into faith. You would NOT have gotten the idea if you weren't capable of handling or accomplishing it. So relax, understand the fear is normal and stay in faith.

Then, you can start to take the action and move forward toward that deadline.

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