814. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Direction And Go BIG!

How can you implement something right now that's going to help you feel more like you? Today, I’m sharing how I responded to my intuition, changed direction and decided to sell our home in Arizona. This process has forced me to look inward and ask some hard questions and be unafraid to go in a different direction, so take a deep breath and join me on this journey. 





( 2:14 ) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy!

( 2:38 ) Lori ireflects on a decision that didn’t end up working out, and how she is changing direction.

( 6:19 ) Lori poses the question, “What are those things that you need to be doing to feel like yourself?”

( 7:59 ) Thank you to our sponsor, Liquid IV.

( 9:51 ) Lori asks, “What is blocking you from feeling good? From connection? From divine ideas? From inspiration?”

( 12:08 ) Lori reassures listeners she is also human with the same struggles, questioning her self-worth.

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