1015. Reimagining The Customer Experience With Cyd Tetro

Cyd Tetro’s career has always been at the intersection of innovation and customer experience, and now as the CEO of Brandless, she’s bringing the best health and wellness products to market in a more affordable and sustainable way. 

In our conversation, Cyd offers so much wisdom about market research, business strategy, and staying focused as an entrepreneur. She gets into the details about how to elevate your customer journey and avoid common product development problems. Cyd also extracts some lessons from products that didn’t take off like she thought they would and shares what she would do differently in hindsight.


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(0:27) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Cyd Tetro. 

(3:52) Lori asks Cyd, “What do you do? And how did that get started?”

(4:47) Lori asks Cyd, “Is it even possible for you to walk through stores and not see what everyone's doing right and wrong?”

(5:53) Lori asks Cyd, “What would you say are some of the things that we should be thinking about right now when it comes to our customer?”

(8:18) Lori asks Cyd, “Let's say you get some negative things back around what you were doing. What are some of the questions we can ask ourselves to tweak that product?”

(9:41) Lori asks Cyd, “Tell me a little bit about an A customer versus the C customer.”

(11:44) Lori asks Cyd, “Can we talk about what that journey can look like when you're innovating even after you're launched?”

(14:07) Lori asks Cyd, “Do you typically find that you go back to the drawing board? Or do you try to hold on to that and innovate?”

(17:02) Lori asks Cyd, “Are there services or places that offer this to be able to kind of get market information?”

(18:45) Lori asks Cyd, “What would you say businesses should focus on right now for growth?” 

(20:04) Lori asks Cyd, “When we're thinking of a plan going multi-channel, what does that look like?”

(22:27) Lori asks Cyd, “What's your strategy around the customer that's buying on Amazon is spoken to differently versus the customer that's buying through an affiliate or a retail store?”

(23:57) Lori asks Cyd, “Are you seeing any brand that is nailing it with their customer experience?” 

(27:27) Lori asks Cyd, “How much time and effort would you put into a customer service experience when you're first testing?” 

(30:17) Lori asks Cyd, “Are there places with product development where you see the same problem over and over again?”

(31:53) Lori asks Cyd, “I would love to know about Brandless and how it got started.”

(36:51) Lori asks Cyd, “What is it that you're looking for when you're going out and acquiring?”

(39:10) Lori asks Cyd, “Why do companies pluck out what originally is working?”

(41:00) Lori asks Cyd, “Are there steps to being able to keep that magic integrated into the new team without totally selling the company? What does that look like?”

(42:32) Lori asks Cyd, “What is that formula that you have found that works in the beginning for entrepreneurs who want to maintain their energy?”

(46:57) Lori asks Cyd, “How much of it for you has been an intuitive passion?”

(49:13) Lori asks Cyd, “What is exciting you right now?”

(51:13) Lori asks Cyd, “You also have something called the Women Tech Council. Tell us what that is.”

(53:17) Lori asks Cyd, “What is anything that you want to leave us with that you haven't maybe mentioned yet?”

(54:13) Lori asks Cyd, “How can we find you to follow you all the things?”