995. Reset Your Financial, Emotional & Risk Thermostat

A great way to visualize your threshold is to think of it as a thermostat. Whatever you set your goals or standards to, you’re going to maintain that level just like you would when you set the temperature of your home. In this episode, we explore what this concept looks like in terms of our finances, emotions, and risk tolerance. We also share how we’ve learned to rest our thermostat and push the limits of what we believe is possible. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:21) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

(1:56) Lori introduces the concept of your internal thermostat that you use to make decisions. 

(3:00) Chris talks about how his financial thermostat has changed dramatically since his early 20s. 

(7:48) Lori explains how you can reset your emotional thermostat. 

(9:21) Lori asks Chris, “What is something that you know could actually fundamentally change your personality and your emotional state if you worked on it more?” 

(12:15) Lori and Chris talk about risk tolerance and why it’s so important to work on expanding that. 

(13:25) Lori asks Chris, “How can you simulate risk in your life without a lot of risk in the beginning?”

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