Are You Being Selfish With Your Gift or Message?

Maybe you don't even know you are…

We all have some amazing messages and gifts to share with the world. But what happens when we know we have a gift, but we AREN'T sharing with everyone?

There are a number of reasons why you possibly aren't sharing your message, but one of the biggies for many of us is FEAR. Fear of what others thing, fear of not being perfect, of being inadequate, fear of screwing up, and on and on I can go. But I can only list these because I have been there myself.

Remember: “You feel WEAK when you are relying on your own strength.”

Your message was given to you as a gift to share with others. You aren't allowed to keep it to yourself, you need to share it! I know it's scary, but you need to have faith that once you start to share, you will be blessed with the strength of something much bigger than yourself.

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