821. 7 Myths of Entrepreneurship With Shannan Monson

Serial entrepreneur and community growth expert Shannan Monson and I get real about what it means to be a business owner. Forget the glam photoshoots and champagne toasts一we’re talking about handling the 2 AM crises and navigating self-doubt. Shannan and I discuss seven misconceptions about entrepreneurship and what we wish more business owners would be honest about. Tune in to learn more about Shannan’s inspiring journey and major lessons that she’s learned along the way.  


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

( 2:56 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:58 ) Lori gives some background on today’s guest, Shannan Monson.

( 4:47 ) Shannan joins the conversation. 

( 5:38 ) Shannan gives more details about how she transitioned from personal trainer to entrepreneur.

( 8:43 ) Lori asks Shannan about her ‘aha’ moment. 

( 8:46 ) Shannan talks about being a self-taught businesswoman.

( 11:28 ) Lori asks Shannan to tell her about why saying no is so important for your dreams.

( 12:50 ) Shannan says, “the more we can say no to other people's agenda, the more you can say yes to yourself.”

( 12:56 ) Lori and Shannan discuss staying true to the boundaries that you set. 

( 15:01 ) Lori and Shannan talk about the challenges that many women face when setting boundaries. 

( 17:04 ) Shannan says, “the most valuable advice that I could give you is try not to judge your thoughts before they come out of your mouth.”

( 20:02 ) Lori thanks her sponsor, Territory Foods. 

( 23:23 ) Lori and Shannan discuss myth #1: You only do work that you love.

( 24:08 ) Shannan shares her theory that you’re always going to be doing at least 15% of the work that you don’t like to do. 

( 27:32 ) Lori and Shannan talk about being intentional about what they share online about their struggles. 

( 29:53 ) Shannan and Lori talk about myth #2: You do what you want when you want.

( 32:23 ) Shannan says, “a lot of times, boundaries means making less money.”

( 33:46 ) Shannan and Lori talk about myth #3: Once you make it, you're set for life.

( 36:13 ) Lori thanks her sponsor, Liquid IV.

( 38:06 ) Lori and Shannan talk about how they cope with the pressure of the high stakes of entrepreneurship. 

( 41:12 ) Lori and Shannan talk about myth #4: It's Instagrammable and sexy AF.

( 42:28 ) Lori and Shannan connect on the chaos of behind-the-scenes details of events. 

( 45:38 ) Shannan and Lori talk about myth #5: You make infinite amounts of money.

( 48:25 ) Lori and Shannan share that more money doesn’t mean that all your problems are solved.

( 49:14 ) Shannan and Lori talk about myth #6: It's easier when…

( 49:44 ) Shannan says, “I firmly believe it doesn't get easier. You just get better at handling it.”

( 50:50 ) Lori and Shannan talk about myth #7: Everyone else is doing it better than you.

( 51:39 ) Shannan says, “There is no playbook for entrepreneurship.”

( 52:33 ) Shannan says, “Give yourself permission to show up imperfectly.”

( 53:21 ) You can follow Shannan on Instagram @shannanmonson.

( 53:41 ) Lori asks listeners to take a screenshot of the episode and tell Shannan what their biggest takeaway was. 


Guest Bio:
Shannan Monson is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping women speak up, own their worth, and take back their power. 

A self-made serial entrepreneur and graduate of the University of Google, Shannan went from young stay-at-home mom to starting and scaling multiple 7 figure businesses from her living room floor. 

With a monthly reach of over 5 million, Shannan’s mission is to close the gender gap, cancel traditional gender roles, and help women choose themselves first. 

Shannan has consulted for hundreds of female-founded businesses, spoken at Harvard’s Women in Business conference, and been featured in Parents, Entrepreneur, and more, and named one of “12 Female Entrepreneurs You Need to Follow”. 

Shannan’s stories and advice regularly go viral on social media with over 20 million views and a readership around the world.