845. How To Utilize Organic Marketing Strategies With Sheila Bella

Sheila Bella is a celebrity brow artist and beauty business success coach; she’s also the founder of two multi-seven figure businesses, host of a top-rated beauty entrepreneur podcast, and a mother and wife. We talk about her journey from being newly divorced and unemployed to now living out her biggest dream of helping beauty entrepreneurs reach their full potential. Sheila shares her top tips for how to utilize organic marketing strategies via Instagram stories, reels and posts. We also discuss the importance of discipline and consistency when it comes to launching and scaling a business. Listen in to hear more about how Sheila stays connected to her mission and how she learned to pivot during challenging times. 


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About Sheila:

Sheila Bella is a celebrity brow artist and beauty business success coach. She is the founder of two multi 7-figure businesses, Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup and Pretty Rich Bosses online academy. Sheila hosts Pretty Rich Podcast,  a top-rated beauty entrepreneurship show.

Sheila is the president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, the largest organization of cosmetic tattoo professionals. She is a motivational speaker, a wife and a mother to 3 boys.

Her passion is teaching beauty professionals how to scale their services passively and how to create wildly profitable online businesses so they can expand their potential beyond the chair and create massive impact from the comfort of their home.



( 2:58 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 4:09 ) Lori gives some background on today’s guest, Sheila Bella. 

( 5:37 ) Sheila joins the conversation.

( 7:40 ) Sheila shares her career journey. 

( 9:22 ) Sheila explains why getting fired from an Irish pub was a blessing in disguise. 

( 11:24 ) Sheila says, “It's not just what you get out of the pursuit. But I think the real gift is who you become through the process of business building.”

( 12:48 ) Lori talks about one of today’s sponsors, Indeed. 

( 16:09 ) Sheila talks about the disappointment that she felt in March 2020 when her first big event was canceled. 

( 17:57 ) Sheila says, “Opportunity doesn't go away. It just changes location.”

( 20:32 ) Sheila talks about why she likes to use the worst case scenario exercise. 

( 23:15 ) Lori asks Sheila to talk about social media sales. 

( 25:29 ) Sheila says, “What I find is people are missing the sales portion of it, which is either a call to action or actually having a conversation about hey, how can I help you?”

( 27:21 ) Lori talks about a sponsor of today’s episode, Thrive Causemetics. 

( 29:05 ) Lori shares how she utilizes Instagram DMs to connect with people. 

( 30:20 ) Sheila explains her social media and strip club analogy. 

( 33:22 ) Lori asks Sheila, “What should we do with our reels? And what should we do with our posts?”

( 36:16 ) Sheila shares an example of how polls can be helpful on Instagram stories. 

( 40:01 ) Sheila talks about best practices for Instagram posts. 

( 43:18 ) Lori and Sheila talk about the power of organic marketing. 

( 44:20 ) Listeners can follow Sheila at @realsheilabella or text LORI to 310-388-4588 to continue the conversation.

( 45:11 ) Lori asks listeners to DM Sheila on Instagram and let her know what their biggest takeaways were and share it with a friend.