Six Tips to BUST STRESS!

Implement one…or all of these for less stress!

These six different tips are going to help you lower your daily stress levels. If it seems like too much, take it one at a time, don't try to implement them all at once.

Which of these will you be trying first?


Single focused practice. Just start with three minutes to help you slow down and it will get easier, and you'll be able to go longer. Try setting the time on your phone for those three minutes and just close your eyes. Focus on your breath and notice what you're feeling.


Even if it's just a walk each day, get out and do it!


Scented candles, essential oils, aroma therapy can all help take the edge off. Lavender or Rosemary are two scents that will help to lower stress. Try to have these in your environment in some form, like a candle or oil.

Mindful Tea or Moments

This little “ritual” of a hot tea can help you slow down, even if it's just for a few minutes.


You've probably heard it a thousand times, but that's because it's true: sleep is IMPORTANT! It is even more difficult to get through a tough day when you are tired. Set a time to go to bed, and then start getting ready for it at least 30 minutes prior to make sure you're in bed on time.


What are you eating? Caffeine, sugar, etc can cause your energy to crash, making it extra hard to get through your day. This will, in turn, raise your stress levels.

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