1122. Snap Out Of Lack And Into Attraction By Taking This Step

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, but sitting down with my friend Kathrin Zenkina, aka @manifestationbabe, reminded me how to be a magnet for what I want to attract. In this episode, I recap our conversation and how it helped me refocus my energy. When I really start to feel into the person I want to be, I can finally embrace the abundance around me. It’s all about creating a habit of gratitude and self-care to snap out of the chaos! 

P.S. Don’t forget to tune back in on November 13th for my tell-all episode with Lindsay Schwartz about the wild journey I’ve been on launching glōci! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:22) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(1:33) Lori announces two exciting releases coming up: the glōci pre-sale and a podcast episode all about her journey to launching glōci. 

(4:07) Lori shares takeaways from her co-host interviews on The Jasmine Star Show.  

(7:20) Lori emphasizes the importance of living as if your prayers are already answered. 

(9:15) Lori talks about her experience with the law of attraction.