958. Candace Nelson On Innovation & Reinventing The Bakery

My entire world changed the first time I saw a Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, which is why I’m so excited to share the conversation I had with the woman who came up with the idea and co-founder of Sprinkles, Candace Nelson! We talk about the biggest things that put her company on the map, some of the unexpected challenges that came with going viral, and how she’s developed her leadership skills over the years. 

Candace shares super insightful advice about how to develop your tolerance to risk and failure, and the importance of constantly getting out of your comfort zone. Plus, we talk about how our female friendships have helped bolster our success and why it’s crucial to consistently nurture your relationships. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 1:56 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Candace Nelson. 

( 5:21 ) Lori asks Candace, “Where in the world did the idea for Sprinkles even come from?”

( 7:26 ) Lori asks Candace, “How did the idea of a cupcake ATM get started?”

( 9:31 ) Lori asks Candace, “What would you say that you can remember that you've dropped a pin in that were some of the biggest things or initiatives or moments that put Sprinkles on the map?”

( 13:11 ) Lori asks Candace, “What were some of the challenges that came with becoming viral?”

( 14:23 ) Lori asks Candace, “What were some of the things that you started with that no longer even exist or that you've pivoted into or different ideas?”

( 16:16 ) Lori asks Candace, “Did you have those moments of like, Oh, my God, what if I lose this?” 

( 18:41 ) Lori asks Candace, “What does it look like to make sure that everything is staying the way that you want it?”

( 20:17 ) Lori asks Candace, “What would you say you discovered is your zone of genius. And what was absolutely not your skill set that you knew you had to build a team for?”

( 22:46 ) Lori asks Candace, “What are some main questions that you would make sure that you would ask a potential co-founder? And then what values would you make sure that you share?”

( 23:32 ) Lori asks Candace, “Do you think that everyone is an entrepreneur? Or what do you think are some traits that definitely are if you don't agree with that?”

( 25:16 ) Lori asks Candace, “Why do you think right now is a good time to start a business?”

( 26:52 ) Lori asks Candace, “What would you say are some of the main challenges that you see over and over and that you just wish that if you could sit down with every woman who is in that situation that you could let her know these three things?”

( 28:52 ) Lori asks Candace, “Where would you say are the areas where you watch women stop the most?”

( 30:23 ) Lori asks Candace, “Tell me about the traits that you've had to develop that you are most proud of that you did not come into this with.”

( 32:26 ) Lori asks Candace, “What is the thing even as of recently that you have stopped doing and something that you have started doing that has drastically improved your personal life or your business life?”

( 35:20 ) Lori asks Candace, “What is the most fun thing that you are doing in your life and then in your career?”

( 37:37 ) Lori asks Candace, “Tell me about Pizzana.”

( ) Lori asks Candace, “Do you think that women can get to a place of your success, and still not totally burnout?”

( 42:18 ) Lori asks Candace, “Tell me about just your mindset and your belief system around risk and fear and failure.”

( 44:59 ) Lori asks Candace, “Who would you be if for the next five years you had zero challenges?” 

( 46:25 ) Lori asks Candace, “What would you say are some things that you will not skip over doing in your life that are so important for you to do in order to remain a sane human being?”

( 48:26 ) Lori asks Candace, “What is a question that you wish more people asked you or you wish people knew?”

( 52:00 ) Lori asks Candace, “Where can they grab the book?”

( 52:57 ) Lori asks Candace, “What's your Instagram handle?”