Staying On Track During the Holidays

The holidays are approaching fast with the first candy-filled one just a few days away. Here's what can help you get through these times.

We all still have goals that we're going for, but you also want to have a little fun and live a little around this time. I recommend looking at your calendar and deciding when you want to let go and have a little fun. With Halloween just around the corner, one of the easiest ways to help avoid the candy craze is to BUY LESS initially! It's OK if you run out of candy. It is MUCH easier when you make the decision to buy less at the store than to have to say “no” multiple times a day for weeks after Halloween.

For parties, trying bringing a healthy snack to pass…and you don't even have to tell the other guests it's healthy. But you're doing your part to stay on track with your goals.

To check out some healthy holiday recipes Click HERE for HOLIDAY inspired favorites! Or click the menu and hit the search icon and type in “pumpkin” for some other goodies!