826. Is Your Business A Good Idea? With Stephanie Biegel

Today, I’m sitting down with Stephanie Biegel, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Key, a Fan Relationship Platform that gives control back to talent, to own their data and drive incremental revenue. Steph and I get real about entrepreneurial hardships, navigating different business ideas, and why you should share about your side hustles. Steph also gives some advice about how to get business ideas off the ground and how she’s learned to ask for help. Tune in to hear more about Steph’s entrepreneurial journey and our conversation about staying focused and positive while in the trenches of business development. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions:

(0:52) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

(2:55) Lori introduces Stephanie Biegel.

(4:48) Steph joins the conversation. 

(5:26) Lori and Steph chat about the podcasting process. 

(6:33) Lori and Steph talk about how they met. 

(8:44) Steph shares about her background working in the talent industry. 

(14:47) Lori asks Steph, “What would you say is your ultimate superpower? What is your weakness?”

(17:26) Lori and Steph talk about Human Design. 

(19:23) Lori asks Steph, “How do we know if our business idea is a good idea? And then where the hell do we start?”

(22:44) Stephanie responds, “Sometimes you just have to jump and leap without having all your shit together, because no one does.”

(24:01) Lori asks Steph, “I want to know a little bit about––after you've started some big ideas––and a time when on the outside, it looked really, really good to everybody else, but on the inside, it was falling apart.”

(29:04) Lori asks Steph, “How do you navigate making your business and brand look really good so that people want to get on board, but also remain authentic?”

(33:39) Lori asks Steph, “How did you learn to navigate and manage people? And what are some tools that you use to navigate through the sea of personalities?”

(37:24) Lori asks Steph, “How do your side hustles actually help you make your main hustle even better?”

(42:10) Lori and Steph talk about how businesses are giving space to their employees to empower them to be the best version of themselves. 

(44:06) Lori asks Steph, “What is something you're most excited about right now?”

(46:15) Steph shares what it feels like for her to be in a flow state. 

(47:31) Steph talks about her passion for traveling and dream of opening a boutique hotel in Italy or France. 

(49:59) Lori asks listeners to tag Steph on Instagram and share what their biggest takeaway from the episode is.


Guest Bio:

Stephanie is an accomplished & seasoned professional who spent more than 10 years leading and growing multi-million dollar advertising businesses spanning global markets and emerging technologies. Most recently, she held various executive leadership roles at mobile tech company Kargo. She has generated more than $200M in strategic advertising revenue, driven by her expertise in digital business transformation and aptitude for fast-paced markets. Steph began her professional career at United Talent Agency and Platinum Rye in Los Angeles, where she led talent management and celebrity endorsements. 

Her current professional venture is at Key as CSO and Co-Founder. Key is a Fan Relationship Platform that gives control back to talent, to own their data and drive incremental revenue. She is wildly excited about the challenges this enterprise software solves for Talent! 

With that, as an avid wellness junkie, her and co-host Lauren Abney launched the Well/Behaved podcast over two years ago. Their hope is to democratize wellness, bringing on a myriad of experts to excite, inspire and educate.