1039. Your Super Co-Founder Kristel de Groot On The Connection Between Diet and Success

Whenever I’m trying to reach a new level in my business, the first thing I do is dial in my lifestyle to create more energy and focus. One of the easiest places to start doing that is by taking inventory of your diet and incorporating nutrient-dense foods into your daily smoothies and lattes. 

I’m joined by Kristel de Groot, co-founder of Your Super and co-author of Your Super Life cookbook, to unpack how to improve your performance through your diet. We get into all of Kristel’s favorite ingredients and recipes that boost immunity, gut health, and the appearance of your skin on top of it all! Kristel also shares examples of how she’s redefining the rules of her business and learning to lead from her intuition. 



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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:20) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Kristel de Groot. 

(5:44) Lori asks Kristel, “You have an incredible business called Your Super. Can you tell me a little bit about it and why you started it?”

(8:38) Lori asks Kristel, “When you started Your Super, were you at all into entrepreneurship?”

(10:22) Lori asks Kristel, “What was the problem that you then wanted to solve with this idea that you were coming up with?”

(13:16) Lori asks Kristel, “How did you start choosing what super foods you were going to pick and put together?”

(17:05) Lori asks Kristel, “What do you add when you want to increase your energy?”

(19:24) Lori asks Kristel, “Is there anything you add to your water?” 

(20:08) Lori asks Kristel, “When we're dehydrated, what does that cause?”

(21:18) Lori asks Kristel, “Is there anything that you eat for focus?” 

(22:09) Lori asks Kristel, “Do you eat anything specific for your skin?”

(28:19) Lori asks Kristel, “I want to know about what can help with sleep.”

(32:30) Lori asks Kristel, “What do we need for our gut? And why should we be so interested in it?”

(34:38) Lori asks Kristel, “Talk to me about Moon Days.”

(39:26) Lori asks Kristel, “What is something that you wanted to change about your business and how did you implement it?”

(41:22) Lori asks Kristel, “Can you tell me about a time where you went against what other people were saying and how it paid off?”

(43:50) Lori asks Kristel, “What would you say are some of the things to focus on if someone knows they have a good product?”

(48:10) Lori asks Kristel, “Where can we get your cookbook?”