Taking Ownership Over Your Life

Feel In Control of Your Choices

All of your results you have gotten in life have been because of the choices you've been making. Now, I know that this can seem like a scary thing when you look at some of the “not so pleasant” results you may have gotten at times.

“Knowledge is learning something everyday and wisdom is letting go of something every day.”

The three main things that we must watch for are Blaming, Complaining, and Justifying. When you blame someone or something, you are saying you never had the choice or say in the matter. This talk is just giving your power away to the situation.

Complaining is usually done to the wrong person. If you're upset with or having troubles with your significant other, often times they are the only one who you DON'T talk to, but in fact they should be the only one you DO talk to about the troubles. When you complain to others, you're giving your power away.

Justifying is recruiting other people to agree with your negative story, therefore allowing you to be “right” and play the victim.

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