Thank You Bliss Habit

Hello Beautiful!

Thanks for joining The Bliss Habit!!

Welcome to The Bliss Habit e-course!  I am SO EXCITED to get rolling!!  Thank you so much for trusting me and my team to bring you this amazing coaching program!  We have worked tirelessly to make sure we came up with and presented to you the best program possible. We are so grateful that you joined us!

First let's cover a little information.

Everything is hosted on my site and you will be able to access the 12 lessons, materials and information there as well as the additional Bonus material. Please work each lesson at your own pace, however, we do recommend trying to stick to a “One Week, One Lesson” schedule. You can go back and revisit any of the prior lessons at any time and go through any lessons as many times as you would like.

To Sign In, simply go to The Log In button is under the MORE tab in the menu, “Member Login”.  The login is the email address you used when you purchased The Bliss Habit and the password will be emailed to you shortly. Please be looking for this email.

We have created The Bliss Habit E-Course Facebook Group so please be sure to JOIN US HERE! This is also where you will meet all your fellow Bliss Habit Practitioners!  Here you will be able to share success stories, ask advice, and get support in a SAFE and FRIENDLY environment. Please, when you join the group, be sure to introduce yourself, mention where you're from, and what you are hoping to get out of this course and use the hashtag: #ImNewHere in your post so we can see it! (Please note, when you request approval for the Facebook group, if your Facebook name is different than what you submitted, we will have no way of knowing if you are a member of the Bliss Habit.  If this is the case, please request approval and then email [email protected] and let us know what your Facebook name is and what the name is on the membership. Thank you.)

Please feel free to reach out if you are having any problems with the coursework or anything having to do with the coaching program.  You can email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  If you are having technical problems with logging in or downloading your content, please email [email protected].  Your questions are important to us, so to give your request the proper attention please allow up to 48 hours for us to get back to you.  We are here to help so please, don't hesitate to ask!

We have also emailed you all of this information.  If you can't locate the email, please double check all inboxes, junk, spam, promotions, etc. as emails, unfortunately, can end up in there too. You can also type “Lori Harder” into your email search box to try and locate it. If you still don't receive anything, please email [email protected].

What should you do now?

  • Request Approval to the Facebook Group HERE
  • Next, Check Your Email for your Login Credentials

I am so excited to get you started on this journey!  Thanks for joining!

Much love,