875. The Exact Path I Took To Making Anything Possible

There’s one thing that I’ve been able to pinpoint as a thread throughout all my success and any of the larger amounts of money that I've been able to make: I put myself into the rooms where the conversation was happening, where the bigger money was being made, and where the other people were winning. Whether it was fitness competitions, network marketing, selling personal development courses, and now launching Lite Pink, it’s all because I surrounded myself with people who would push me to pursue my big dreams. I share my journey to getting into those expansive rooms and what you need to be talking about when you get yourself in front of people who are making moves.



What inspired me to sign up for the Cathy Savage training camp back when I wanted to be in fitness competitions  Leaning on your support system  Having real, open conversations about income  How I got into network marketing  What made it possible for me to even think about creating a beverage company  My approach to getting a second book deal



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