The Negative Asterisk

* The one thing keeping you down.

So what is the Asterisk? The Asterisk is the thing that comes up and is a negative looming thing that is stopping you from being in total bliss in your life.

Without those low points, we can never truly appreciate the high points in our lives. Remember to keep as even as possible, so don't get too high on the highs and too low on the lows. You need both to have a balanced life.

Instead of dwelling on the asterisk, or something that is bothering you at a specific low, remember that there is an ebb and flow in life. Give yourself the Grace and Space to get back to normal and find joy.

The one goal is to seek joy in everything. When all you seek is joy in everything, everything else will fall into place. So every time you find yourself going to the “Asterisk”, reroute yourself back to joy and remember what you're excited about.

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