The Power of FOCUS

Is your “To Do” list too long

Does that word scare you?? It's ok!! There are so many people who have ideas to make things happen, but unfortunately so many of them get sidetracked with even MORE ideas. They have trouble focusing and therefore don't get anything done.

So how do we start to take massive action?

The number one thing is to figure out what you ULTIMATELY want done…and pick just THAT ONE!

Write a list of everything that you are desiring to get done. Then narrow that list down to the top 3.

Now come the hard part…pick THE ONE. What is the one thing that you can't live without getting done this year?

Next, eliminate distractions by scheduling. Here's my tip, use Sunday night as a little planning session for the week ahead. Write down your workouts, meetings, work time, dates, phone calls, etc that will all be done this upcoming week.

Then, on Monday, meet with the people who will be involved with your schedule that week. If it's just you, then just check in with yourself and your schedule and make sure you're prepared to stick to you.

Take Action

In the comments below, write down the one thing you are going to schedule in this week and KEEP. And what is one distraction that you are going to eliminate this week to help allow you to stay on track?

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