1046. The Power Of Podcasting & How To Amplify Your Message

We’re joined by Danny and Brianne Hoefelmann, co-founders of The Good In Media, to talk about how they’re using their podcast and video content agency to help people expand their impact. 

When Danny made it his mission to find out what happiness meant to him, my podcast was one of the first to pop up on his search. After committing to self-development work and getting his wife Brianne on board for it too, they knew they wanted to amplify authentic, inspiring voices. In our conversation, they share their top tips for people who want to create audio and video content and walk us through how to get started. 

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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:23) Welcome back to another He Said She Said episode of Earn Your Happy.

(0:57) Chris asks Danny, “Would you mind telling the story of how you found Lori’s podcast in a time of need?”

(5:25) Lori asks Danny, “In your family, did you see people talking about their emotions or was that stuff not talked about?”

(8:28) Chris asks Brianne, “What were you thinking during Danny’s period of depression?”

(9:41) Chris asks Brianne, “What did your communication look like at that time?”

(11:48) Chris asks Danny, “How'd you go from where you were to then deciding that you guys were going to help amplify other people’s voices?”

(18:00) Chris asks Danny, “Was it an active choice to show up with positivity?”

(22:41) Chris asks Brianne, “What's important to starting a podcast today? How difficult is it really? And how many shows a week should they be doing?”

(24:36) Chris asks Brianne, “What is the least expensive way you think someone could start a podcast and then if they want to use an agency, what should they budget for that?”

(27:14) Chris asks Danny, “Why should we take the extra step of getting video content while we record and what's the easiest way to do so?”

(30:26) Lori asks Danny, “You also have something else that you're gonna do for people who need to be more consistent. What is that?”