1072. The Science Behind ‘Yes’ With Persuasion Psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini

If you want to make a meaningful impact through your products, your company, or your message, it's crucial to understand the science of influence. Today, I'm joined by New York Times bestselling author and expert in the science of persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini has dedicated his entire career to conducting rigorous testing, analyzing data, and publishing peer-reviewed scientific research on the factors that influence human behavior. 

In our conversation, Dr. Cialdini discusses why people say “yes,” why they buy, and how you can apply the principles of influence to your business. He also equips you with tools to ethically navigate the world of marketing, get people to invest in you, and strengthen your team's productivity with simple language shifts.



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(0:30) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(5:01) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “What is the biggest change in your life going from the Midwest to where you are now?”

(7:58) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “How did you start to become known as the person who talks so much about influence and persuasion?”

(10:17) Dr. Cialdini discusses shared identity. 

(11:26) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “Where do you see your book applied in the world?” 

(12:47) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “What are the seven principles?”

(21:36) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “What kind of language can you use to stop no shows?” 

(23:10) Dr. Cialdini breaks down social proof. 

(29:44) Dr. Cialdini talks about how to get people to like you and your product. 

(33:01) Dr. Cialdini highlights authority as a means for reducing uncertainty. 

(36:02) Dr. Cialdini discusses the importance of valuable scarcity. 

(40:25) Dr. Cialdini shares the newest principle, unity. 

(44:23) Lori asks Dr. Cialdini, “What is your new project, the ethical influence applications for business?”