1129. The Story of glōci & How It’s Taught Me To Love Myself

When you sign up to be an entrepreneur, you sign up for the biggest personal development journey of your life! This might be the most meaningful and vulnerable episode of the podcast yet as I walk you through every detail that led to the launch of my new company, glōci. I share all of the challenges and triumphs I experienced along the way, from raising $2 million from 54 incredible female investors and navigating the company's pivot to how I landed on the name and came up with branding for the company. Believe me – every obstacle you face brings you one step closer to your dreams, and you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to! 



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(0:40) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(6:52) Lindsey asks Lori, “ Take us back to the original moment of knowing that you were ready to pivot from personal development to launch this company.” 

(19:25) Lindsey asks Lori, “What did those first couple fundraising conversations feel like and look like? And then at what point did you say this is supposed to be funded by women?” 

(25:36) Lindsey asks Lori, “Was there ever a moment where you thought you wouldn’t be able to get it done?” 

(29:05) Lindsey asks Lori, “Tell us what happened after you raised the money” 

(33:28) Lindsey asks Lori, “What was one of the lowest of low moments that you remember? How did you support yourself?” 

(37:39) Lindsey asks Lori, “What did it take for you to realize that this was a moment where you either pivot, or you are actually just gonna go in a direction that you didn't want to go?”

(45:32) Lindsey asks Lori, “Talk a little bit about the product you settled on.” 

(48:33) Lindsey asks Lori, “Tell us about how you settled on the name glōci?” 

(53:35) Lindsey asks Lori, “Do you think you could have gotten to this point, without going through all the challenges you went through?” 

(55:27) Lindsey asks Lori, “What is the thing you’re the most excited about?”