How to Thrive Through the Holiday Season!

Did you miss the webinar on how to THRIVE through the holidays this year? No problem, re-listen to the tips and techniques that I use and make this your most successful season! Check out the list below!

1.) Choose your battles

  • Plan what parties you need to go
  • Say NO to excess parties and going out – flex your NO muscle
  • Saying no means you’re saying yes to your goals
  • Ask what you can bring and make it healthy!
  • Eat before you go
  • Drink lots of water
  • SET YOUR INTENTIONS AHEAD OF TIME! Am I going to drink or indulge? How much?

2.) Keep a routine

  • Number 1 reason people feel stress is because they are out of a routine.
  • Have a reg workout routine and plan it
  • Find a workout you can do when you are in a jam and memorize it – make sure you can do it anywhere
  • Just keep moving! A body in motion stays in motion.

3.) Find time for yourself

  • With company, family and more people everywhere, more work, more traffic, etc. we get stressed easier
  • Give yourself more time to get around
  • Plan quiet time or alone time
  • Find 5 minutes to meditate
  • Close your eyes and visualize your goals

4.) Keep your goals present

  • Don’t just write this time of year off. You can have a huge head start
  • You don’t have to be perfect
  • This is a lifestyle so begin by practicing
  • You will get better

5.) Surround yourself by a community of supportive people

  • Many of you will have to seek this out.
  • Yoga
  • Ask people

6.) Spend time giving back with others

  • Volunteering
  • Bell ringing
  • Immerse yourself in a good cause

7.) Save money by making gifts

  • Mason Jars with favorite recipes attached and some of the ingredients inside
  • Make your own sugar scrubs and put a nice saying on the outside
  • Make a jar full with 30 days of why they rock
  • Tell people you don’t want gifts this year and sponsor a family together instead or donate to a charity
  • Draw names an only exchange with a couple people

8.) Create new traditions during the Holidays.

  • Board games, walks, cards, caroling, sledding, skiing, snow ball fights etc.

9.) Shift your attitude to gratitude

  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Each night write down what you are grateful for that day

10.) Enjoy, be present and keep it in perspective.

  • If you feel restricted, have a little something that makes you feel like your indulging
  • There is no such thing as perfect
  • If you know you can have something it’s no longer off limits and the temptation is less.
  • It’s just a day, the only pressure we can feel is what we put on ourselves
  • Remember to make it about togetherness and enjoying instead of the food and presents

Also, remember that my Busy Bodies Challenge LAST DAY to enroll is October 15th. This is a great challenge to keep you accountable and with a group of supporters to check in with at any time. You can Register HERE for the Challenge!

Thanks so much for your support! I wish you the best during this upcoming holiday season!
Much Love,

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