Throw Away Your Big Goals!

Crinkle them up, and toss them over your shoulder.

Ok, so maybe don't throw them completely away. BUT, you do need to detach a little from the BIG GOAL.

Many times, you can get so overwhelmed by the big picture and the end goal. It can end up paralyzing you and stopping you from making progress towards the big goals.

So how do you stop that?

In order to change it, you must start with your big goals and work backwards. You need to find the steps in-between where you are now to where the ultimate end BIG GOAL is.

What is the very first “baby step” goal that is going to get you just a little closer to that goal? What can you do RIGHT NOW to take that first step? Listen in on my video as I walk you through a couple examples of this.

You need to make sure you're taking small daily actions that will move the needle just a little bit each time toward the BIG ONE! Persistence and consistency is key here. Plan the little goals that are going to make you successful and ultimately reach your big goal.

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