850. Cross Off Your To-Do List With These Tips

If you’re anything like me, your to-do list can seem never ending. Today, I’m sharing a few things that I’ve been doing to help me to dial it in and know what really needs to get done during the week. I break my lists down into a ‘later list’ and a ‘now list,’ which has been such a game changer for staying focused and making sure that I’m prioritizing what actually needs to get done. I also want to give you the space to check in with yourself during this episode and find out what support looks like for your entrepreneur soul. I share some examples of how I’ve been doing that lately and my plans for finding more joy in my week. 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

( 2:19 ) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy.

( 2:39 ) Lori introduces today’s topic, organizing your to-do lists. 

( 3:49 ) Lori says, “I also just want to take a second to really check in with your soul.”

( 5:31 ) Lori gives examples of how she supports her entrepreneur soul. 

( 7:03 ) Lori shares what she learned about herself from surfing. 

( 9:41 ) Lori says, “We get to really choose how we participate in this world and how we look at it.”

( 10:37 ) Lori will be at the 2022 Boutique Summit in Dallas on March 20th-21st.

( 10:54 ) Lori introduces the concept of a ‘later list.’

( 12:31 ) Lori explains why you need to check the hard things off the list first. 

( 13:46 ) Listeners can tag @loriharder and let her know what their takeaway is from this episode.