Is Being TOO Attached to an Outcome Slowing You Down?

Here's how to change your thoughts around the attachment

Is your attachment to an outcome making you CRAZY?! It could be slowing down your results and you don't even know it.

Here are 7 Signs you may be TOO attached to your goal or outcome

  1. You are pushing and clenching your goal too tight that you get frustrated and overwhelmed just thinking about taking the next steps.
  2. You procrastinate in every way, talking yourself out of why it wont work.
  3. You compare yourself to everyone else thinking its been done before and nothing will make you different. Why even start?
  4. You feel angry that no one is responding to your emails, questions, and Facebook posts.
  5. You feel if this goal does not happen, you will be devastated for life.
  6. Your motivated to get your outcome JUST to prove to others that you are worthy.
  7. You've quit just about everything because its not happening on YOUR timeline.

Can you relate to any of these?

If you can relate, try switching your gears a little whenever you start to feel one of these signs in your life. How do you switch it up? Try by filling in this question/statement: “Regardless of the outcome I will still ____________.” Fill in the blank. What is this for you? Regardless of the outcome, what will you still DO? EVEN IF YOU FAILED, what would you be doing anyway? This is one of your truest callings.

There is a fine line between holding the vision of your goal clearly and being too closely attached to the result or outcome that it is detrimental to achieving it.

What is it that makes you feel Great or Empowered?

What are the things that make you feel so good that you would be doing no matter what? Make a list of the things in your life that make you feel this way on a daily basis. Attach new meaning to the actions that you dread and think you have to do to get to your goal. Make them have purpose and attach a positive feeling to them.

For example: When you're too attached to getting that ultimate bikini body, you start to look at the actions (working out) as a negative or time consuming action. Instead, switch the feelings you have toward that ACTION (not the outcome) to a positive, empowering thought and feeling. “I feel strong after my workouts and know that I have earned my happy that day!”

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