1051. Hydration Expert Tracy Duhs With 9 Ways To Upgrade Your Health

Even if you’re hitting the recommended 64 ounces of water daily, you probably aren’t getting the hydration that your body needs. Tracy Duhs, hydration expert and modern wellness advocate, joins me on this episode to talk about how to properly hydrate on a cellular level and implement the nine pillars of health that she lays out in her book, Hydrate

Tracy breaks down the physics and bio-energetics of water, and shares simple ways to improve the quality of the water in your home. She also dives into her top wellness strategies for awakening vitality and aging gracefully.





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(0:21) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Tracy Duhs. 

(5:32) Lori asks Tracy, “What made you write Hydrate?”

(8:39) Lori asks Tracy, “You said water has the opportunity to constantly restructure itself. Let's talk about that.”

(15:45) Lori asks Tracy, “What do I look for when buying water?”

(17:35) Lori asks Tracy, “Is there an option for a filter on your tap or something on the counter?”

(20:02) Lori asks Tracy, “Is there a system for improving the water in our homes?”

(21:47) Lori asks Tracy, “Did you notice a big energy increase when you changed the water you were drinking?”

(22:49) Lori asks Tracy, “Let’s dive into your nine pillars of health.”

(33:31) Lori asks Tracy, “Does your body just talk to you now and you know exactly what you need?”

(39:33) Lori asks Tracy, “Are there any last things that you want to share with people?”

(40:57) Lori asks Tracy, “Where can we grab the book?”