1110. How To Turn Average Results Into Exceptional Results

Have you ever looked at other entrepreneurs and felt like they’re just lucky? The truth is – they're putting in a ton of effort that sets them apart. If you want to achieve exceptional results in any area of your life, whether it's your business, fitness, or relationships, you need to ask yourself if you're really giving it your all. Today, I show you how to uplevel your results and strategically invest in your personal and business growth regardless of your circumstances. I share tips for getting creative with your strengths, overcoming the instinct to compare yourself to others, and not settling for mediocrity! 


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Episode Timeline & Discussion Questions

(0:25) Welcome back to another episode of Earn Your Happy. 

(4:28) Lori encourages you to listen to your soul and strive beyond mediocre actions and activities. 

(6:47) Lori opens up about how she has experienced this in her business and life. 

(8:55) Lori shares a takeaway from Alex Hormozi’s book.