1048. Practicing Unfiltered Authenticity With Author Rachel Luna

Rachel Luna is the friend that I turn to when I need a reminder that epic things happen when I step into my truth and lead with authenticity. Rachel is a Certified Master Neuroscience Coach and author of Permission to Offend, which is the ultimate guide for understanding your beliefs and unapologetically owning them. 

In our conversation, we unpack the power of connecting with your core values, even at the risk of making other people uncomfortable. Rachel highlights some of the stories that she’s had to break out of and how she creates space to evolve. She also shares advice for anyone who’s avoiding a tough conversation, including how to set a compassionate foundation and neutralize the emotional charge.



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(0:38) Welcome back to Earn Your Happy. Today, Lori is joined by Rachel Luna. 

(4:37) Lori asks Rachel, “What about the message of Permission to Offend was so important that it made you go through writing a book for a year of your life?

(13:53) Lori asks Rachel, “What were some things that you started practicing with that made you more comfortable offending people?”

(31:00) Lori asks Rachel, “What do you believe when you start living this way of giving yourself permission to offend?”

(38:40) Lori asks Rachel, “What would you say to people who are avoiding an uncomfortable conversation right now?”

(43:33) Lori asks Rachel, “What does it look like to speak your truth in a compassionate way?”

(46:56) Lori asks Rachel, “Do you have any last words that you want to leave with everybody?”

(49:14) Lori announces that the first 10 people who share this episode on their Instagram story, tag @girlconfident and @loriharder, and include their biggest takeaway from this conversation will receive a FREE copy of Permission to Offend!