Venice Bakery Interview

An Interview on Chasing Dreams and Not Giving Up!


I got a chance to sit down with an amazing man, Jimmy DeSisto, the owner of Venice Bakery, and we talked about challenges, perseverance, and success. Jimmy's main goal was to help autistic kids with his Gluten Free product and now it has blossomed into something amazing! I want you to pay special attention to the passion he has and the drive and determination that you can feel from him. We aren't just talking about pizza crusts and a bakery here. You need to have the same determination that Jimmy has when chasing your dreams. It took him countless hours and over a year to just get the recipe right! Days of trials, disappointments and frustrations but he never lost hope. He kept his goals in the forefront of his mind. The power of one man's dream, that has now come to reality, is touching millions of lives. Also, see below for a Special Offer from Venice Bakery!

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